27 Jul

Calls for E-Bike batteries to be regulated like fireworks after recent house fires

Calls for E-Bike batteries to be regulated like fireworks after recent house fires

E-Scooters and E-Bikes have become increasingly popular in the UK, particularly in inner-cities as a means of cheap, eco-friendly transportation. A growing concern associated with the increase is the growing number of battery fires.

UK Charities are calling out for Electric Bike batteries to be regulated in the same way as fireworks, after casing a number of devastating house fires across the UK.  Current statistics show that faulty lithium-ion battery fires have an incidence rate of at least 6 a week and have caused an estimated 190 injuries and 8 deaths.

Many of the reported fires have occurred when e-bikes / e-scooter are charged overnight, which allows the battery to overheat and spark a fire. A fully charged e-bike battery is estimated to release a similar amount of energy to 6 hand grenades – hence why the fires caused by these batteries have had a tragic impact.

At Triton Group, this has opened a broader conversation about the importance of Waking Watch services and safeguarding communities. We have been considering the measures we have in place and how we can work together to mitigate the risk of battery-related fires in homes.

Detection & Response

E-Bike battery fires can ignite suddenly and spread rapidly. In this situation, early detection and response is imperative. Having trained fire wardens and officers on-site allows immediate response to any fire incidents and can prevent the damage escalating.  Triton Security ensure that their personnel are trained beyond the NFCC guidelines so they can initiate the correct evacuation plan for the situation.

Safety Awareness

Given recent discussions in the media, the public are more aware of the safety concerns surrounding lithium-ion battery fires. This information should encourage property managers and residents to be more proactive and invest in lifesaving waking watch services.

Risk Assessment & Inspection

As a market leading waking watch provider, Triton Security provide a full 360-degree service and regularly complete risk assessment and inspections to identify potential fire hazards. This prevents any accidents before they occur and would reduce the likelihood of battery fires.

Waking watch services play a crucial role in enhancing fire safety and can address the risk of e-bike / e-scooter battery fires. Having highly trained fire personnel on site to detect and respond helps mitigate the risk and protect the surrounding community.

To find out more about how Triton can support you, your property and residents, get in touch today on 01937 842424.

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