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Triton Security is one of the UK’s most trusted security provider for solar farm’s. Whatever the size of your solar farm, we are able to help with a security solution for you. Whether that you require fencing and CCTV, through to static security guards and mobile patrols.

Solar Farm Security is a fundamental part of any solar farm. Due to their nature, solar farms are usually in remote and isolated areas so require a robust and comprehensive solution. Triton Security can help with all aspects of the security for your solar farm. This can be from the initial stage of planning the security for your farm that is yet to be built, or an existing solar farm that requires further security or improvements to their security.

We can provide also security guards who are present on site 24 hours a day, through to ad-hoc mobile patrols around the solar farm. We also look to make sure that your perimeter of the solar farm is secure with security fencing and state of the art CCTV solutions, linking straight back to our monitoring systems.

Due to our national coverage, we can look after any solar farm, in any location. This includes all maintenance teams and security guards.

If you have a solar farm, contact Triton Security today, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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FAQs about Solar Farm Security

Do solar farms need security?
Absolutely. The remote location and valuable equipment make solar farms a target for theft and vandalism. Effective security measures are essential to protect these assets and ensure uninterrupted energy production.

How do you protect solar panels from theft?
At Triton Security we employ a combination of physical barriers, such as robust fencing and lockable access gates, along with advanced surveillance technologies like CCTV cameras linked to our monitoring centres. Regular patrols and security checks by trained personnel further deter theft.

What are the main security risks for solar farms?
Solar farms typically face risks like theft of photovoltaic panels, vandalism, and unauthorised access. Environmental factors and wildlife can also pose threats to the integrity of the infrastructure.

How does Triton Security customise its services for different solar farms?
We begin with a detailed risk assessment to understand specific vulnerabilities and then design a security plan that includes physical and electronic measures tailored to each location’s needs. Whether your farm is in a more accessible area or deep in a remote location, we adapt our services to meet these challenges effectively.

Can Triton Security handle emergencies at solar farms?
Yes, our security personnel are trained to respond promptly to any emergency. With 24/7 monitoring and rapid response capabilities, we can address issues as they arise, minimising potential damage or disruption.

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