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Triton Security is a market leader for CCTV monitoring and provides protection for a wide range of big names throughout the UK, such as NCP and Claywood Group. It is great testament to our team that we protect trillions of £’s of UK assets every year!


Implementing CCTV systems is a cost-effective security solution for most businesses. It acts as a visible deterrent for criminal or antisocial activity and is also vital to securing physical evidence should you need to prosecute for any on-site crimes. However, CCTV alone is only part of the solution and consistent monitoring is required to make CCTV as effective as possible.

Why are Triton market leading for CCTV Monitoring?

CCTV monitoring serves part of our 360° CCTV system solution at Triton Security. Video from our CCTV camera is directed into a 24/7 monitoring station which is managed by a team of experienced CCTV monitoring staff.

At Triton, all of our staff are exposed to comprehensive in-house training through our Triton Training Academy. As a result, they are capable of reacting to each and every eventuality on your site in an efficient and professional manner. Our team are primed to provide complete peace of mind for you and your business.

24/7 protection and support
Expert monitoring teams
Remote monitoring and live response

Going Above and Beyond

As well as monitoring your site, our expert team of CCTV operators can:

  • Receive alarm warnings
  • Access and assess footage
  • Monitor the threat
  • Track any intruders
  • Issue live audio warnings instructing any intruder to leave the site immediately
  • Call the police or our own mobile patrol teams to ensure the site is secure again


After every alert we will produce a detailed report and review your on-site security to make sure it is fully secure. We will also contact a designated member of your management, should you wish, to alert them to any risk detected on our CCTV monitoring systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can people request CCTV footage?

Yes, if you are captured on CCTV, then you have the right to request a copy of any footage of yourself.

Is recording sound legal in the UK?

Recording audio with CCTV must have a justifiable purpose and you cannot record conversations between members of the public. Workplace audio recordings are only permitted if you have a clear reason for surveillance and people must be aware that both video and audio are being recorded.

What are the best CCTV cameras?

The best CCTV cameras are the ones most suited to your situation, premises and needs. Triton Security offers a range of bespoke solutions to ensure you get the right system for you. Our expert team design bespoke CCTV systems to ensure you have the right solution in place to protect your premises.

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