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CCTV is the cost effective security system that really comes into its own on large or exposed sites.

As well as acting as a visible and physical out of hours deterrent, CCTV systems are also an excellent monitoring tool proven to reduce attacks by both hardened criminals and petty criminals alike.

All Triton Security CCTV cameras can be linked in real-time to a central control, and the cameras themselves boast the latest in state-of-the-art technology, meaning the high-resolution footage they capture will be of sufficient quality to offer valuable evidence in any criminal proceedings.

Another advantage of installing CCTV systems is the feeling of security their presence gives to every visitor, offering reassuring peace of mind to both your customers and your staff.

We have a wide range of CCTV security systems to suit every budget and location, whether that be a single camera installation or a multi-site solution, and all our products are designed to be integrated and connected to your network quickly and efficiently, keeping the disruption to your business to a minimum.  With our years of expertise in the security industry, we have the knowledge of the best CCTV systems on the market and can advise accordingly as to what will be the optimal solution for your business.

We also offer CCTV security system rental – the Triton Tracker – which allows you to enjoy the security CCTV brings but without the initial installation outlay. This isn’t CCTV on a budget though – all the Triton Tracker systems feature the latest digital storage and video transmission technology to ensure outstanding results.  We’ll also offer 24-hour support.  The difference being we rent it to you rather than taking full payment for the system in one go.

So whether you’re interested in monitoring and recording staff, visitors or customers get our experienced team on the case. For more information on all our CCTV solutions, please contact Triton today.

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