Security Guards Sheffield

Security Guards Sheffield

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Triton Security, one of the UK’s leading security companies, has an unrivalled reputation for providing security guards all over the UK and we are proud to offer our highly professional services in Sheffield.

Our Sheffield security guards deliver a friendly and personable service. They will reflect your business in a polite and positive manner when dealing with customers or the general public. Each one is highly trained, professional and fully SIA approved and ISO accredited. We also pride ourselves on running extensive background checks on all of our employees.

Sheffield has a long-standing history as one of England’s main industrial cities, and its district was recently reported as the highest-ranking area in the UK for overall wealth. Sheffield has also been widely cited as being one of the fastest growing cities for office and residential space and rents.

While steel production was the bedrock of Sheffield’s international reputation for manufacturing excellence, it now makes up just over 10 percent of the city’s industrial structure. These days public services are three times as prevalent in the city. This shows that Sheffield has changed and requires security services that can live up to its diverse commercial offering.

In a city of so much growth and opportunity, we understand how important it is for business owners to ensure their business environment is safe and secure.
Whatever the type of business, if you’re looking for a Sheffield security company, then Triton is here, ready to protect your interests.

We’re not like other Sheffield security companies. We are able to offer both local knowledge and national reach. We have decades of experience in providing security and international facilities management to some of the UK’s biggest and most well-renowned businesses.

Ensure your business is always safe and secure with Sheffield security guards from Triton Security, contact us today.

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