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Security Guards Manchester

Security Guards in Manchester, Triton provide security guards to some of Manchester’s most thriving businesses. We are well-known for our excellent security services in Manchester and the rest of the UK. We provide high quality security solutions in this vibrant city and the North West region.

Our Manchester security guards work in all types of businesses. Triton’s security guards in Manchester have experience working with all types of businesses from across multiple sectors. They are flexible and can cater to your specific requirements. Whether you need security for your retail store, warehouse, office, or event, they can provide a quality professional solution.

Our Manchester security guards have experience working in public places like hospitals, schools, government offices, and other government facilities.

Protecting the people and property with Security Guards Manchester

Triton’s security guards in Manchester protect your assets, property and people. They adopt a friendly and professional approach to represent your business effectively. Our security team members are SIA approved and ISO accredited. Additionally, they undergo thorough background checks.

In Manchester, it is important for business owners to keep their people, property, and assets safe. Triton Security guards can help with this. They control crowds, monitor cameras, respond to alarms, secure entrances, and patrol to stop trespassing, crime, and disruptive behaviour. They provide you with a cost effective and comprehensive way to protect your business.

Our Promise of Quality in Manchester

SIA Approved, ISO Accredited: Our Manchester security team are SIA licensed, highly trained and vetted, guaranteeing top professionalism and dependability for your business.

Flexible Security Services: Our security guards are skilled in securing various sites, from retail security to entertainment venues and offices. Triton provide a safe and secure environment across all industries.

Client-First Service: We customise our services to fit each business’s unique needs, ensuring smooth integration and representation.

Industry leading training and experience: Our security guards minimise the risk of criminal activity and accidents on your property. Major UK businesses have trusted Triton Security for their award winning security guard services for many years.


Addressing Manchester’s Security Challenges

Varied Business Needs: Manchester’s diverse business scene calls for flexible and thorough security solutions for your business with highly trained security personnel.

Urban Security Needs: The city’s busy urban setting presents unique security challenges, needing an active and informed response team.

Deterrent: Our Manchester security guards can provide a visual presence to deter theft or damage to property through vandalism.

Manchester Crime Data: A Rising Concern
Manchester Crime Rate:Crime in Greater Manchester increased in 2022/23, with 369,853 reported offences, mostly involving violence against individuals.
Record Highs:The crime rate in Greater Manchester reached 128.9 crimes per 1,000 people in 2022/23, the highest in the 2015-2023 period.

(Source: Statista)

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Fully ISO accredited
Custom Security for Manchester’s Varied Sectors

Tailored Security.

We offer custom security solutions for different industries. From shops to government buildings, our security guards in Manchester have experience across a wide range of professional sectors.

Adaptive Guards.

Triton’s Manchester security guards can adapt to different work environments whilst constantly evaluating for potential risks and threats. Our static and mobile security guards work effectively within the community to ensure your business’s safety.

Triton’s Valued Clients in Manchester

We serve respected clients in Manchester, showcasing our ability to meet diverse security needs. We work with:

MAPP at Hexagon Tower: providing specialised security services for a well-known commercial property company. Our goal is to create a safe, secure and professional atmosphere at Hexagon Tower.

Concentrix: We offer bespoke security services to Concentrix, ensuring the safety of their dynamic work setting and staff.

These partnerships highlight Triton Security’s skill in delivering custom security services tailored to each client’s needs, ensuring a safe Manchester business environment.

Why Triton is the Best Choice

• Local Expertise: With deep knowledge of Manchester, Triton security guards offer smart and effective security solutions for your business.

• Wide Experience: We have broad experience across various sectors, showing our ability to tackle different security challenges.

• Custom Security Plans: We create bespoke security strategies that match your specific business goals in Manchester.

Services Offered by Our Security Guards

Concierge Services: Providing professional, welcoming front-of-house services that represent your business well.

Crowd Control: Skilled in managing crowds at events for safety and order.

Flexible Guarding: Offering both static manned guarding and mobile security options to suit your security requirements.

Partnering for a More Secure Manchester

Innovative Solutions: We use industry leading techniques and technologies for top-level security.

Reliable and Trusted: We build lasting relationships based on trust and consistent performance.

For comprehensive security services in Manchester, contact Triton Security on 01937 842424 today. Rest assured knowing that your business is under the expert care of Triton Security.

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