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Waking Watch replacement fire alarm and safety systems are used to protect blocks of flats and other multi occupancy buildings. Triton Security is a recognised authority on all things fire safety.

Triton offers Waking Watch services across the UK, protecting people in buildings fitted with cladding that is now recognised as being unsafe. Waking Watch was introduced as an emergency measure after the Grenfell Tower disaster to prevent further tragedies from occurring.

The government put in place requirements for buildings deemed unsafe to have 24/7 on-site patrols. The role of a patrolling Waking Watch warden is to ensure that should a fire occur, they are alert, able to raise the alarm and, most importantly, ensure everyone can evacuate safely.

Why do I need a Waking Watch replacement fire alarm?

If you are one of the named Responsible Persons trusted with ensuring the safety of the occupants in a building with unsafe cladding, then you will be aware of the need to employ a professional Waking Watch service.

What you might not be aware of is a change in guidance issued by the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC). Along with advice from the government, there is now a move to switch affected buildings to technology-based fire safety solutions, where appropriate and reasonably practicable.

Is there funding available?

Following the launch of the government’s Waking Watch Replacement Fund, aimed at reducing fire safety costs for qualifying residential buildings and their residents, there is additional funding available to encourage the installation of common fire alarm systems.

Why choose Triton for your common fire alarm and safety systems?

As the expert in fire safety and Waking Watch, Triton is perfectly placed to carry out any transition from Waking Watch to a common fire alarm safety system. Our team can also advise on any extra measures that may be available to you, such as the continuation of Waking Watch patrols on a reduced frequency basis.

You can rest assured that we place value for money, bespoke delivery and flexible payment options at the heart of our solutions. We design for the preservation of life which allows everyone, including you as a Responsible Person, to sleep safe and sound.

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We offer a complete end-to-end solution that includes survey, a conversation to fully understand your needs, quotation, installation and any on-going service and repair requirements. You have the option to take fire alarms and safety systems on lease terms with upgrade options or as an outright purchase that you own from day one.

It is crucial that you have the solution that is right for you. So we the take the time to listen to your requirements, budget and circumstances before making any recommendations and providing costs to you.

Can I change without making compromises?

Fire safety is something that cannot be treated with anything less than the utmost respect. That is why we encourage you to engage with us and unrivalled expertise before making any decision. When it comes to ensuring everyone can rest easy knowing that should a fire occur, the right measures and response systems are in place, there is no room for compromise. We will ensure you have the right fire safety measures in place.

Does Triton install Common Fire Alarms?

Triton works in partnership with leading consultants, installers and operators of automated fire and security systems. Their leading capability includes the survey, installation and service of both stand-alone and fully integrated systems.

As always with Triton and our partnering consultants, we are driven to provide a tailored solution that meets your own exact requirements and budget.

Our partners operate across England, Wales and Scotland with a fire and security team that focuses on bespoke fire services for high-rise residential properties of all shapes and sizes.

The senior management team has over two centuries of collective experience in technology based fire systems. They also employ teams of dedicated staff, who are all devoted to providing elite service and solutions that meet the needs of your properties and residents.

What is the specification of the alarms?

Every fire detection and alarm system we install meets the requirements of an L5 Fire Alarm System, Commercial (BS5839 Pt 1), as detailed within BS5839 Part 1:2017.

As part of our complete alarm offering, we can provide and install smoke alarms, smoke detectors, intruder alarms and heat detectors, to fulfil the safety needs of your buildings.

If you choose a wireless fire alarm, our installation and commissioning will include the supply of all parts and installation of the system, as well as the training of your staff in how to use the system. Following completion, you will then have the option to access our scheduled and reactive maintenance and repair services when you need them, on an ongoing basis.

Do I need Waking Watch and fire alarms?

A technology based fire safety system is designed to raise the alarm amongst residents in the event of a fire. What it can’t do is assist those residents in making a safe and orderly evacuation. This is of particularly concern when a building has residents who are in need of extra assistance to evacuate their homes.

We are aware of the disparity in guidance and the needs of some residents and in response we are offering a Hybrid Waking Watch Solution. This solution is designed for building managers, councils, housing associations, high-rise building residents and health and safety managers who recognise the need for going beyond the minimum recommended measures.

If you have concerns about transitioning from Waking Watch to a fire alarm and safety system, talk to us about a solution that works for you and, importantly, your residents.

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