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Security Guards Birmingham by Triton Security offer unrivalled protection for businesses within the second largest city in the UK. Our great quality services make us one of the leading security companies in Birmingham. Our clients trust us to safeguard their interests.

ISO-accredited and SIA-approved, our security guards are highly trained to adapt to any challenge, ensuring safety, continuation of business and your peace of mind.

Dependable Security Guards in Birmingham

At Triton Security, we understand the dynamics of Birmingham’s security requirements. Equipped to deliver both static and mobile protection, our security guards ensure rapid response and consistent safety. We customise our services to suit the specific needs of your Birmingham business, providing a secure and professional environment.

Rapid response

Our highly trained guards are available 24/7/365 for rapid deployment to secure your Birmingham business within 4 hours.

Experienced Personnel

Our Birmingham security guards have experience across a breadth of industries from corporate to commercial and public services.

Professional and Presentable

Our security guards are smartly presented and can be relied upon to represent your business, whilst protecting your people and assets.
Whether you need security guards for your retail outlet, student accommodation, vacant property, public event or construction site, you can rely on Triton Security to provide high quality and cost-effective protection. We tailor our services to protect all businesses against theft, vandalism and anti-social behaviour in Birmingham.

Complete Security Solutions for Birmingham

Triton Security doesn’t just provide guards; we offer comprehensive security solutions to meet the diverse needs of Birmingham’s business sectors. From retail to corporate, we handle it all from manned guarding to routine patrols and CCTV installation and monitoring. Triton ensures consistent high standards. As a trusted security company in Birmingham, our strategies are designed to address the unique challenges of the city’s commercial environment.

Birmingham Crime Overview

Understanding the crime rates in Birmingham is crucial for effective security planning. In the Birmingham postcode area, the overall crime rate for the twelve months up to April 2024 is 123.6 crimes per 1,000 residents. These statistics highlight the need for robust security measures.
Key crime statistics include:

Anti-Social Behaviour:18.1k incidents
Burglary:13.3k incidents
Criminal Damage and Arson:17.2k incidents
Shoplifting:16.0k incidents
Vehicle Crime:22.3k incidents

Birmingham ranks as the second most dangerous major city in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.


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Fully ISO accredited

Why Choose Triton Security in Birmingham?

Choosing Triton Security means opting for professional security guards who are experts in Birmingham’s security requirements. Our guards are not only reactive but proactive, preventing incidents before they occur. This proactive approach is crucial in a city like Birmingham, where the crime rate significantly exceeds the national average.
By anticipating potential security issues and addressing them early, we help maintain a safe and secure environment. In turn, reducing risks and potential costs associated with crime.
Our security guards are a wise investment for any Birmingham business. Our professional security team has a proven track record for effectively reducing crime rates and enhancing the safety of staff in workplaces. By ensuring a secure work environment, we help businesses operate without disruption, which is essential for productivity and profitability. Staff who feel safe are more likely to be engaged and productive, contributing positively to the business’s overall performance.

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Improve your business security with Triton, one of the leading security companies in Birmingham. Discover how we can help secure your operations with our industry-leading solutions. Call us on 01937 842424 for a no obligation consultation.

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