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Security Guards Scotland, delivered by Triton Security, offers premium security services and cost-effective solutions tailored to various businesses across Scotland. Celebrated as a top provider among security companies in Scotland, we have gained a great reputation due to our dedication in providing professional guards and the best customer care. With over twenty years of experience, we are ISO-certified and all our security guards are SIA-accredited. You can trust in Triton Security to handle security challenges and ensure your business remains safe and secure.

Skilled Security Guards for Scottish Businesses

At Triton Security we take the time to understand the challenges within Scotland’s varied business sectors. Our team of security professionals offer detailed surveillance solutions, including static guards, advanced CCTV systems, and routine patrols. We have rapid response units who can secure a site within just 4 hours of contact. Our goal is to fit seamlessly into your business to enhance security without hindering your daily operations.

Swift Action

Specialists in immediate response, our security team in Scotland ensures rapid security coverage throughout the year 24/7.

Expert Team

With 20+ years of experience, our security professionals in Scotland serve a broad range of sectors from governmental to private sectors, ensuring expertise in every interaction.

Flexible and Professional

Whether acting as a deterrent or operating discreetly, our Scottish security guards uphold professionalism while meticulously safeguarding your assets and workforce.
For enterprises ranging from retail environments to educational institutions, public venues, or construction sites, Triton Security is your dependable security provider in Scotland. Our robust security solutions prevent theft, vandalism and disruption to your business and give you peace of mind.

Bespoke Security Packages in Scotland

Triton Security not only supply security guards, but we also design complete security strategies to fit any Scottish business’s needs. From manned services to supplying and installing top quality surveillance technology, we guarantee the highest security protocols are in place. Our commitment to quality has earned us the reputation of the number one choice among security companies in Scotland. We have the skills and equipment to address the challenges faced by Scottish businesses.

Overview of Crime in Scotland

We believe that effective security planning is underpinned by a clear understanding of regional crime trends. The total number of crimes recorded in Scotland for the year ending September 2023 is 297,425.
Here are some key crime statistics from the year ending September 2023:

Anti-Social Behaviour:47,502 instances
Common Assault:59,413 instances
Robbery:1,877 instances
Theft of Motor Vehicle:5,438 instances
Shoplifting:33,789 instances

(Source: Scottish Government)

Onsite within 4 hours
Leaders in best practice
Fully ISO accredited

Why Trust Triton Security to Safeguard your Scottish Business?

By choosing Triton Security you’re ensuring that all your security needs are managed by the best in the industry. Our security guards in Scotland swiftly respond to emergencies and proactively deter potential threats through extensive site assessments and tailored security tactics. Given the steady crime figures in Scotland, our proactive, vigilant security services will play a pivotal role in safeguarding your business assets.
Our strategies provide a secure and stable environment, significantly reducing the risks and financial impacts of criminal activities. With a proven history of reducing crime rates and increasing safety, our security guards ensure that your business operations in Scotland run smoothly, contributing to a secure and productive work environment.

Contact Triton for Reliable Security Services in Scotland

Safeguard your business with Triton Security, a leader among security companies in Scotland. Call today on 01937 842424 for a free consultation to explore how our security solutions can serve your needs.

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