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Triton Security has a proven track record in providing retail security to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have successfully helped scores of big-name and local retailers reduce theft and shrinkage with our comprehensive range of retail security officer services.

Theft from retail stores is a huge problem and can be devastating to a business if left unchallenged. Our team of retail security guards can help. Recent statistics show that the number of thefts is actually on the rise. Prosecutions can be expensive and unrewarding, so the best method of tackling theft is to prevent it before it can occur.

We understand the huge range of security threats that every retail site faces and our experienced team of retail security guards is equipped to handle every security issue – whether that be employee theft or shoplifting.


The most common shoplifting methods are ‘grab and run’ and removal of tags and labels. Followed by emerging threats to retail security carried out through the use of technology, such as signal jammers and ‘booster bags’ that prevent items with tags placed inside from triggering alarm sensors.

In the UK there are two main types of shoplifters:

  1. Individuals who are often genuine customers who are tempted to steal through opportunity.
  2. Gangs of 2-4 people who are organised and come prepared with strategies and methods to avoid retail security.

Our teams of retail security officers and security guard are trained to recognise any theft threats and properly detect and report any individuals who are acting suspiciously or illegally. Not only do our uniformed staff maintain a visible presence that acts as a deterrent to any would-be thieves, but they’re also capable of patrolling any site to offer a reassuring presence to shoppers and site visitors.

Should shoplifting or any other suspicious activity occur, then our trained retail security guards will deal with the incident in a composed and efficient manner. Crucially, they will deal with the situation while keeping disruption to your customers and business operations to a minimum.

Another important advantage of employing a retail security guard is that they can access and provide ongoing surveillance of staff-only areas, thereby reducing the risk of employee thefts.

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Each security specialist we employ is SIA approved and ISO accredited, and you can rest assured that all our retail security officers and guards have undergone rigorous background checks before beginning their employment with us.

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile and our staff receive full training to ensure they are capable of dealing with any situation quickly, calmly, safely and effectively.

As established specialists in the provision of all types of security, we are able to tailor our retail security services to suit your exact requirements. Our guards will blend seamlessly into your business, ensuring a discreet and reassuring service that will allow you to concentrate on all other areas of your retail business without distraction.

If you feel your store or chain of stores could benefit from a retail security officer or additional security guards, contact Triton Security now for a no-obligation conversation and to discuss the retail security of your business.

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