15 Dec

Is Your Business Prepared for the Festive Break?

Is Your Business Prepared for the Festive Break?

The Christmas season is a time of celebration, but it can also pose unique security challenges for businesses which might be left empty over the extended break. Take this brief quiz to gauge your business’s readiness for the festive period and pick up some helpful tips along the way.

Alarm Systems:
Is your alarm system tested and fully functional?

A. Yes, it’s regularly checked

B. It’s been a while since we’ve tested it

C. We don’t have an alarm system

A fully functioning alarm system is crucial over the Christmas break as it serves as a key deterrent against break-ins and ensures immediate response to any security breaches during a period when businesses are often unattended.


Physical Security:
Are your business premises secured with reliable locks, access control systems or security guards?

A. Yes, all entry points are well-secured

B. Some areas could be better secured

C. Security is a concern for us

During the Christmas break, robust physical security measures like reliable locks, access control systems, or security guards are essential to prevent unauthorised access and protect the business premises when they are most vulnerable and potentially unstaffed


CCTV Surveillance:
Do you have CCTV cameras installed for surveillance?

A. Yes, covering all critical areas

B. We have a few, but not everywhere

C. No, we don’t have CCTV cameras

CCTV is important over the festive break as it provides continuous surveillance to deter criminal activities and monitor security breaches when businesses are typically less staffed or closed.


Employee Awareness:
Are your employees aware of security protocols for the holiday season?

A. Yes, we’ve provided them with thorough training

B. Somewhat, but we could do more

C. No, we haven’t focused on this

Implementing specific security protocols during the Christmas break is crucial for businesses, especially since this period often involves reduced staffing and extended closure times.


Cybersecurity Measures:
Have you taken steps to protect your business against cyber threats?

A. Yes, our digital assets are well-protected

B. We have basic protections in place

C. Cybersecurity is an area we need to address

Protection against cyber-attacks over Christmas is vital for a business as the holiday period often sees a spike in online criminal activity, targeting vulnerable systems when regular monitoring may be reduced.

Emergency Plan:
Do you have an emergency plan specific for the festive season?

A. Yes, we’re fully prepared

B. We have a general plan, but it’s not holiday-specific

C. We don’t have a plan in place

Having a clear emergency plan over the Christmas break is crucial for a business to ensure quick and effective response to incidents such as break-in’s, fire outbreaks and other unforeseen events. A plan is important for safeguarding both the property and any staff on-site during the holidays.



Mostly A’s – Well-Prepared: Great job! Your business seems well-equipped to handle the festive season securely. Stay vigilant and enjoy your holidays!

Mostly B’s – Mixed Preparedness: You’re on the right track, but there are areas to improve. This holiday season is a good opportunity to review and enhance your security measures.

Mostly C’s – Need for Improvement: Your responses indicate some vulnerabilities. Consider reviewing your security plans and protocols to ensure a safe festive period for your business.


Conclusion: Security is crucial, especially during the festive season when risks can increase. We hope this quiz has provided some insights into where your business stands and how you can enhance its security. Have a safe and joyous holiday season!


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