24 May

Solar Powered Security

Solar Powered Security

Are you worried about Fuel theft?

Fuel bowsers and plant machinery used for UK Construction sites are now filled with white diesel since April 2022 legislation changes. This extra cost unfortunately comes at a time of fuel price rises. White diesel reached a historic peak on 17th May 2022. Previously, diesel used for Construction received tax rebate known as ‘’red diesel’’.

Our Triton Single Solar powered security camera prevents theft of fuel bowsers, small areas with plant and machinery or areas of concern that can’t be reached and other plant machinery.

Preventing Fuel theft has never been more important.

Triton Single Solar powered security cameras are available now and in stock.

Running on Solar power, Triton Single Solar cameras can be placed anywhere on construction sites without traditional power supplies. Good for flexible security for your fuel bowsers with the added benefit of protecting the environment.

Natalie Foxcroft, Director for Triton Systems commented. ‘’We are aware of the cost pressures on the construction industry. Not only are they paying more because of legislation changes, they are impacted by rising fuel and other business costs. We have set the price for the Triton Single Solar powered security camera so it is accessible for all business sizes.’’

Key features of Triton Single Solar powered security camera

• From £99 per week
• Uses a single high spec 8MP camera
• Runs on Solar power
• Fully monitored and incorporating the latest technology with built in analytics sending through verified human or vehicle detection alarms
• Top quality visuals in full 24/7 colour images
• Multisite discount is available

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