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Edinburgh Crime Statistics 22/23

Edinburgh Crime Statistics 22/23

Edinburgh’s Crime Profile: A Detailed Overview of Robbery and Theft in Scotland’s Capital.


Between April 2022 and April 2023, Edinburgh experienced a significant number of theft-related crimes. Robbery cases numbered 153, highlighting a pressing need for vigilant security measures. Theft by shoplifting was notably high, with 1,340 incidents, pointing to the challenges faced by retail businesses

in the city. Additionally, there were 523 cases of common theft and 134 instances of motor vehicle theft. These figures underscore the importance of comprehensive security strategies, not just for personal safety but also for the protection of property and assets.

In response to these concerns, security companies in Edinburgh, like Triton Security, play a pivotal role. By offering bespoke security solutions, including manned guarding and advanced surveillance systems, they help mitigate the risks associated with these types of crimes. Triton Security’s expertise in tackling theft and robbery makes them an essential partner for businesses and residents in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Crime Overview: Key Figures (April 2022 – April 2023):



Robbery:153 cases
Common Theft:523 cases
Theft of Motor Vehicle and Contents:134 cases
Theft by Shoplifting:1,340 cases
      Vandalism:671 cases
Common Assault of Retail Worker:204 cases

Additional Context:


Edinburgh Crime Rate:607 crimes per 10,000 population (2022/2023)
Comparison:Scotland’s overall crime rate has been noticeably declining.

The Challenge of Vandalism and Assault


The city also witnessed 671 cases of vandalism and 204 incidents of common assault against retail workers, reflecting the diverse nature of security challenges in urban environments. Vandalism not only affects the aesthetic appeal of the city but can also lead to significant financial losses for property owners. Assaults, particularly on retail workers, highlight the need for heightened security in customer-facing businesses.

Security companies in Edinburgh, such as Triton Security, understand these challenges intimately. Their approach to security includes not just deterring criminal activities but also ensuring the safety and well-being of employees and customers. With trained personnel and cutting-edge technology, they provide an environment where businesses can operate safely and efficiently.

Edinburgh’s Crime Rate in Perspective


Edinburgh’s crime rate, standing at 607 per 10,000 population in 2022/2023, offers a nuanced view of the city’s safety landscape. When compared to Scotland’s overall declining crime trend, Edinburgh’s figures present a unique challenge. This disparity indicates the need for tailored security approaches that cater to the specific needs of Scotland’s capital.

Security companies in Edinburgh, led by firms like Triton Security, are well-equipped to address these unique challenges. Their understanding of local crime patterns and proactive security measures ensure that businesses and residents benefit from an environment that is as safe as it is vibrant.

Scotland’s Declining Crime Rate and Its Implications


The overall decline in Scotland’s crime rate is encouraging but should not lead to complacency, especially in urban areas like Edinburgh. The specific challenges faced by the city, from high rates of shoplifting to vandalism, require a vigilant and adaptive security approach.

Triton Security, a leading security company in Edinburgh, exemplifies the kind of proactive and responsive security solutions necessary in today’s dynamic urban environments. Their services, which range from on-site security personnel to sophisticated surveillance systems, are designed to address the specific security needs of Edinburgh, ensuring peace of mind for businesses and residents alike.

In Conclusion


Edinburgh’s crime statistics paint a picture of a city with specific security needs, distinct from the general trend observed across Scotland. As a leading security company in Edinburgh, Triton Security is at the forefront of providing effective, tailored security solutions that respond to these unique challenges. Their commitment to safety and security is an invaluable asset for those looking to safeguard their interests in Edinburgh.

*Data taken from Statista, Police Scotland and The Scottish Government

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