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Getting ready for unlocking retail

Getting ready for unlocking retail

As the nation moves towards the reopening of retail outlets, measures are being put in place to ensure that shops can be considered a safe space once again. Retail security guards will be doing more than just stopping shop lifters as part of this mission. The aim is to keep people from different households 2 metres apart – to achieve this, frameworks must be put in place and this is where security guards come into the equation.

Retail is a term covering a vast array of outlets, from supermarkets to clothes shops and many that fall in between. In these settings, people [from different households] typically come within 2 metres of each other – so the potential for this contact to occur is high. Before reopening a strategy must be devised to put in place by all employers to ensure the safety of both staff and customers. Retail security guards can help decrease the amount of contact simply by being present to add a sense of authority to a workplace in some cases – these are not scaremongering tactics but add a sense of security to customers that an outlet is taking the measures seriously to protect everyone.

When it comes to customers and staff, screens can be put in place to enforce social distancing alongside direction from security guards. Knowing when it is safe to enter an area/ outlet and keeping count of the amount of people inside a store is a role that guards will now take on.

Another way to keep people safe once retail outlets reopen is queueing systems for both entry and payment. 2 metre markers have been placed on the floor outside many establishments to adhere to the government’s guidelines and also inside many supermarkets to keep everyone at a safe distance. Entrances and exits can be amongst the most challenging places to enforce social distancing so this is where security guards will most often be found.

There will also be hand sanitising stations at many entrances and exits available for customers to use upon entry and exit of a building, these customers will be encouraged to shop alone where possible to keep the headcount as low as it can be. Alongside hand cleaning stations trolleys and baskets will be wiped down with antibacterial substances after each and every use.

When it comes to shoplifting there has been no specific guidance from the government as if this time. We at Triton are following all the guidelines we have been given to ensure a safe shopping experience and will deal with any issues on an individual basis.

As normality returns rest assured that we are here with both employees and customers for every step along the way.

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