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Health and safety and security officers

Health and safety and security officers

The primary role of a security guard is to protect people and property. But while they are providing protection, it is vital that their own health and safety isn’t compromised.

Preparation is key to minimising the risks, so we have compiled some of the key lookouts to help maintain health and safety for security guards while carrying out their duties.

Understand emergency procedures

Emergency situations can have a variety of root causes. A clear and thorough briefing to communicate what to do in the most commonly occurring emergencies should be carried out. This knowledge should be part of a security guard’s preparation, as the principles will also apply to how they should react to less common emergencies.

Clothing – appropriate and well-fitting

The uniform provided to a security guard should be both appropriate for the working environment and comfortable for them to wear. If, for example, they are expected to work outside, or in refrigerated environments, then their clothing must be appropriately warm. Uniform must be unrestrictive and should allow complete freedom of movement.

Be aware of the risks and hazards

If a building contains hazardous materials or substances, then it is crucial that before a security guard commences work there, they are fully aware of the risks. The procedures for dealing with either leaks or coming into contact with the materials, as well as the correct first aid protocols, should be 100% understood by the security guard.

Other, more day-to-day, hazards that should be considered, briefed and prepared for include: wet floors, flooding, ice on walking surfaces, damage to emergency equipment, and areas where lighting is poor.

Know where responsibilities begin and end

While security guards must take their roles seriously, they should be clear on what is and isn’t expected of them. A comprehensive job description that includes what events are outside of the security guard’s remit will help to ensure they can react to a situation and call on the help of emergency services, if required, without delay.

Triton Security training

All Triton security guards are given comprehensive training to allow them to do their jobs in the most professional, safest and healthiest manner.

Everything we do has a focus on quality. We have rigorous company policies in place to ensure all our staff know what we expect from them – and what they can expect from us as an employer. We take our staff wellbeing extremely seriously. Regular welfare, health and safety checks are monitored by our Mobile Supervision and Monitoring Station and all Triton Security Officers have access to a 24hr helpline, should they require any support. If you would like to know more about Triton Security, then please get in touch today.

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