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How secure is your construction site

How secure is your construction site

With the majority of construction sites around the UK closed for the foreseeable future, it’s now more important than ever to have the right security measures in place.

The threats are many

Threats to construction sites are plentiful, particularly in crowded cities such as London. The wide range of specialist equipment including vehicles, machinery and tools used and stored there means there is a constant threat of theft of valuable equipment. Then there is the storage of fuel and building materials that are also attractive to thieves.

And it’s not just thieves you must be prepared for – there is also the risk of mindless vandalism. Trespassers can cause damage that presents danger to human life, such as leaving wiring unsafe or starting fires that can have devastating consequences. This could be compounded further by a situation where a construction company finds itself liable for accidents involving trespassers who have broken in because security was inadequate.

The solution can be simple

The best way to reduce these threats is to start by carrying out a thorough risk assessment. Doing so will help you to determine what measures you should take to deter any would-be intruders. Employing 24/7 manned security guard patrols, installing monitored CCTV and ensuring fences and locks are up to the job of preventing entry are all measures that will bolster the security of your construction site.

Help is at hand

While all of this might seem like a lot of work, you’re not on your own. We at Triton Security are here to help you carry out what could be a vital course of action. Our experienced team of business security experts have successfully helped hundreds of premises improve their site security and are on hand to assess your particular requirements and equip you with the appropriate tools and barriers to properly ensure the security of your site.  

Triton security guards and CCTV

Triton Security solutions are at work day in, day out, and around the clock, protecting construction sites right across the UK. We have experienced security guards and portable CCTV systems ready to deploy in London, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Hull, Scotland, Sheffield, Birmingham and the surrounding areas right now.

Don’t leave it to chance

To find out more about how we can help you with our cost-effective security guard and CCTV solutions for construction sitescontact our team today.

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