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How to become a security guard

How to become a security guard

Want to become a security guard? Here’s how…

Triton Security has gained a reputation for being one of the most trusted providers of security guards in the UK. We ensure protection and peace of mind for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

So, who better to provide a guide to becoming a security guard for people of thinking of entering the profession?

The role of a security guard

Security guards can have various roles and responsibilities. They are often the first person a visitor will meet when entering a business, venue, stadium or special event. Their presence provides reassurance to visitors and staff that someone is there to handle any security issues that may arise.

As a security guard, you can expect to be assigned to work at a variety of different businesses and events, giving you plenty of variety and a regular change of scenery.

The types of organisations that use security guards include: Government, Education, IT, Retail, Corporate, Sports and Leisure, Healthcare and Social Housing.

The duties a security guard may be expected to carry out could include: patrolling premises and grounds, mobile, patrols, manning the front desk, door or entrance, CCTV monitoring and carrying out searches of people and property. A security guard must liaise with the emergency services if any police, fire service or ambulance assistance is required on the premises they are responsible for.

Ideal skills and qualities

The skills and qualities required to be a security guard include good communication, both verbally and written for the writing of incident reports when required.

Having a friendly and approachable manner is important for front of house duties and a reasonable level of physical fitness is also required. As security guards often operate outside of normal working hours, then the ability to work on your own initiative and make quick decisions is very important.

Qualifications required

Becoming a security guard does not require any specific academic qualifications but it is useful to have a decent standard of general education. Many people who enter the security profession have previously gained experience in the police force or spent time serving in the armed forces.

Background checks are carried out by security companies to understand any criminal history an applicant may have before a job and training can be offered.

Every security guard needs to have a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence which is awarded after the completion of a short course. The licence allows the holder to work for employers, agencies and to take on long-term contracts.

Becoming a Triton security guard

Joining Triton Security as a security guard means you will become part of a workforce that is both professional and highly trained.

Our business is UK wide, with particular presence in London, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Hull, Scotland, Sheffield and Birmingham. We train every new recruit at our in-house centre, ensuring the highest possible standards of professionalism and preparation for work.

Triton Security is always looking for new recruits and we have vacancies in all areas of the UK. Visit our Careers page to find out more and to apply today.

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