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Local Crime Statistics for Hull

Local Crime Statistics for Hull

Like most cities across the UK, Hull faces multifaceted security challenges such as shoplifting and criminal damage. The industry recognises Triton Security as one of the top security companies in East Yorkshire. Triton Security is committed to combatting crime in Hull with professional, targeted security solutions.

In this article, we delve into the detailed crime statistics for Hull. We investigate challenges and explore measures that can prevent criminal activities.

An Examination of Hull’s Crime Statistics

Recent data from Plumplot indicates a concerning crime trend in Hull. The city experiences a crime rate of 48.7 incidents per 1,000 workday individuals. This statistic is 137% above the national average.

Violent crime makes up 40.8% of the total reported incidents. From March 2023 to February 2024, there were 21.5k cases recorded.


Violent Crime in Hull

The persistent rise in violent crime in Hull highlights the need for effective security measures to protect the community. Violent offenses, such as assaults and serious bodily harm, remain a significant threat. This contributes to the quality of life and safety of Hull’s residents and workers.

The increase in such crimes demands a targeted response from the government and professional security services. It is important to mitigate risks and provide a safe environment across Hull.


Shoplifting and its Impact on Local Businesses

Shoplifting is another major concern for Hull’s retailers. With a rate of 10.5 incidents per 1,000 workday people, shoplifting crimes have seen a substantial increase of 20.4% over the past year. This affects the economic stability of businesses in the city and also puts a strain on resources.


Criminal Damage and Arson

While violent and property crimes show troubling trends, there is a silver lining with criminal damage and arson. Hull records a 12.3% decrease in such incidents, with a current rate of 10.9 per 1,000 workday people. This indicates that certain interventions may be effective, providing a blueprint for tackling other types of crime more successfully.


The Role of Security Companies in Hull

In response to these crime statistics, Triton Security offer a comprehensive range of services to protect businesses and communities. At Triton, our approach includes deploying tailored security solutions, e.g. highly trained Hull security guards and state-of-the-art surveillance.


How can security companies like Triton Security contribute to reducing crime rates in Hull?

Security companies play a crucial role in enhancing a city’s overall safety. By offering tailored security solutions, security companies like Triton Security give businesses peace of mind. We also endeavour to support local law enforcement efforts to deter and prevent crime. Here’s a some of the key steps we take towards improving security for our clients and their communities:

  • Complete Security Assessments

Our initial step involves conducting comprehensive security assessments for any Hull business that engages our services, identifying vulnerabilities and crafting bespoke security strategies. This includes evaluating and upgrading physical security measures like CCTV installation, alarm systems, and access control. We also enhance operational procedures such as staff training and secure cash handling.

  • Visible Security Measures

The presence of Hull security guards in businesses throughout the city act as a significant deterrent to potential offenders. Triton Security’s professionally uniformed guards patrol commercial districts and other vulnerable points. This reinforces the importance of security and reducing the likelihood of criminal activity.

  • Surveillance Technology Installation

We use the latest in surveillance technology, including CCTV systems with remote monitoring capabilities. Watching live surveillance feeds helps security staff catch and address suspicious behaviour quickly, making the area safer.

  • Coordinated Response Protocols

Triton Security establishes protocols for responding to security incidents alongside Hull’s law enforcement agencies. This involves working with the police and sharing important information to respond quickly and effectively to criminal incidents.

  • Robust Access Control

We enforce stringent access control measures in Hull’s businesses to prevent unauthorised entry, especially during closing hours. These measures include installing gates, barriers and fencing that significantly reduce the opportunities for criminal acts.

  • Advanced Alarm Systems

Installing sophisticated alarm systems is vital. Good systems provide immediate alerts in cases of unauthorised entry or attempts at vandalism or arson. Triton Security not only installs these systems but also ensures a rapid response to any alarms.

  • Community Engagement

Triton Security prides itself on its active engagement with the Hull community. By building robust relationships with residents, business owners, and community organisations, we raise awareness of security issues and contribute towards efforts to tackle them.

  • Security Awareness and Training Programs

We offer extensive training and awareness programs tailored to the needs of Hull businesses. These programs cover security best practices, including recognising and responding to suspicious behaviour, emergency handling, and securing premises against criminal activities.

Through our actions, Triton Security strengthen Hull’s existing security measures while introducing innovative approaches that contribute to creating a safer environment in Hull.



Reviewing the crime statistics in Hull, it’s clear that tackling the city’s security challenges requires effective and practical solutions. Security companies like Triton Security are vital in this effort.

Triton focus on reducing crime through detailed assessments, enhanced surveillance, and visible security measures that deter potential criminals. Our goal is to work with local authorities and community groups to build a safer environment in Hull.

By strengthening security and promoting awareness, we help ensure that Hull is a place where the community can live and work in safety.


*Crime statistics sourced from Plumplot and CrimeRate.co.uk.

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