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Manchester Crime Statistics

Manchester Crime Statistics

Manchester Crime Statistics Demand Business Action


The culturally iconic city of Manchester stands out not only for its vibrant and diverse social scene and history but also for the complex security challenges it faces. The latest released crime statistics offer a revealing look into the city’s ongoing struggle against crime, highlighting the critical role of security measures and services. As one of the leading security companies in Manchester, Triton Security remains at the forefront of providing robust solutions to safeguard the community.

A Closer Look at Manchester’s Crime Statistics

The third quarter of 2023 brought to light the top five crimes in Manchester, painting a picture of the city’s primary security concerns over the past 12 months. According to LG Inform, these include:

  • Violence against the person – without injury offences
  • Public order offences
  • Stalking and harassment offences
  • Theft offences
  • Criminal damage and arson offences

The above categories underscore the varied nature of crime in Manchester, ranging from direct threats to personal safety to broader societal issues affecting public order and property.

An Overview of Greater Manchester Police Crime Report 2022/2023

Further insights from Statista.com reveal a more detailed breakdown of crime offences reported by Greater Manchester Police up to November 2023. A total of 369,853 crime offences were recorded, with violence against a person leading the chart at 141,336 cases. This was the most common type of crime, followed closely by theft offences and public order offences.

Here’s a summary of the number of crime offences recorded by category:

Violence Against the Person:141,336
Theft Offences:101,230
Public Order Offences:50,880
Criminal Damage and Arson:32,703
Drug Offences:12,131
Sexual Offences:11,827
Miscellaneous Crimes Against Society:9,738
Possession of Weapons Offences:4,911


Key concerns for Manchester’s Business Community

Key concerns for Manchester’s business community include a range of security challenges, with shoplifting offenses and criminal damage presenting significant issues. These crimes not only impact the safety and operations of local businesses but also contribute to broader concerns about public safety and urban security.

Shoplifting Offences in Manchester

Shoplifting remains a significant concern in Manchester, with the city recording 7.39 crimes per 1000 people in 2023 Q3. This represents an increase from the previous period, highlighting the persistent challenge faced by local businesses. Manchester’s ranking of 24 out of 36 in All English metropolitan boroughs underscores the need for targeted interventions to address this issue effectively.

Criminal Damage and Arson Offences

Criminal damage and arson offences also pose substantial challenges to Manchester’s security landscape, with the city recording 13.76 crimes per 1000 people in the 12 months leading up to 2023 Q3. While Manchester’s ranking of 33 out of 36 in All English metropolitan boroughs reflects a concerning trend, proactive measures can mitigate the impact of such offences.

The Role of Security Companies to Protect Manchester Businesses

Businesses in Manchester are increasingly confronting instances of violence against staff, theft, and assault; therefore, the role of security companies has become indispensable. These firms act as the first line of defence, providing not only a deterrent presence but also tailored security solutions designed to address the specific threats each business faces. Through a combination of manned guarding, advanced surveillance technologies, and rapid response services, security companies like Triton Security play a pivotal role in protecting businesses. Our expertise enables us to assess potential risks accurately, develop comprehensive security strategies, and implement measures that protect staff and customers alike.

How can security companies like Triton Security help to reduce crime rates in Manchester?

Security firms can play a significant role in improving crime rates in a city, and Manchester is no different. By offering comprehensive security solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses and communities, security firms complement law enforcement efforts and contribute to the prevention and deterrence of criminal activities. At Triton Security, we do this via a myriad of support services including:

Comprehensive Security Assessments – Firstly, our experienced team will conduct thorough security assessments for businesses to identify vulnerabilities and develop tailored security strategies. This may involve assessing physical security measures, such as installing CCTV cameras, alarms, and access control systems, as well as implementing procedural measures like employee training and cash handling procedures.

Visible Deterrence – Security guards present a visible presence in high-risk areas to deter potential offenders. Our uniformed professional security guards patrolling retail premises and other vulnerable locations, can act as a visible deterrent to would-be criminals.

Surveillance Technologies –Triton Security can implement advanced surveillance technologies, including CCTV cameras with remote monitoring capabilities. Real-time monitoring of surveillance footage allows security personnel to identify and respond to suspicious behaviour promptly.

Coordinated Response: We establish protocols for coordinating responses to security incidents with local law enforcement agencies. This may involve developing partnerships with the police and sharing information to facilitate swift responses to criminal activities.

Access Control – Access control measures in suitable Manchester businesses would restrict unauthorised entry to premises, particularly during non-operating hours. This may include installing secure locks, gates, and barriers to prevent unauthorised access and limit opportunities for criminal activities.

Alarm Systems – By installing robust alarm systems that trigger immediate alerts in the event of unauthorised entry, vandalism, or arson attempts. Triton Security supply and install high-tech alarm systems and send Rapid Response teams to all alarm activations.  Such measures can deter future attempts and minimise the impact of criminal activities.

Community Engagement – Triton Security take pride in engaging with local communities. By building strong relationships with local Manchester residents, business owners, and community organisations, we can enhance awareness of security issues and facilitate collective efforts to address them for the good of all.

Training and Awareness Programs – Our team of security experts can provide training and awareness programs for business owners and employees on security best practices, including recognising and responding to suspicious behaviour, handling emergencies, and safeguarding premises against criminal activities.

Addressing Manchester’s Security Needs

The startling statistics on Manchester crime rates in this article, not only illustrate the scope of Manchester’s security challenges, but also highlight the necessity for comprehensive security strategies. Triton Security, as a leading provider of security services in Manchester, is dedicated to addressing these needs through a range of bespoke security solutions. From advanced surveillance systems to manned guarding, we’re equipped to tackle the city’s unique security demands, ensuring peace of mind for businesses and residents alike.

Manchester’s crime profile for the past year reflects a city facing significant security challenges across a spectrum of criminal offences. The insights provided by LG Inform and Statista.com serve as a crucial tool for understanding these challenges, guiding the efforts of security companies like Triton Security. We are committed to safeguarding Manchester through effective, tailored security solutions.

*Crime statistics sourced from LG Inform and Statista.com.

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