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Protecting Vacant Property

Protecting Vacant Property

As a nation coming out of the other side of Covid-19, many properties have become, and are remaining vacant. With this in mind there are certain measures that cannot be ignored. Theft may be the first threat that comes to mind when considering hiring security but there is more than that to consider.



A vacant building can attract the attention of those looking for a chance to make money at the expense of its owner. Considering the recent dip in the economy and earnings due to Corona Virus there may be more of an incentive for someone to act dishonestly.

Thieves can find resale value in almost anything, this is why it is imperative to look at your building with this in mind.

Metal is particularly attractive – it is not uncommon for an under secured property to be stripped of everything, from lead roof flashing, to radiators, right down to copper pipes.



Just as with a house with tenants, general wear and tear could develop into a bigger issue should it not be properly dealt with/ found early enough. From water damage to vermin, the array of issues that can arise is almost endless.

The addition of security to check over a vacant property ensures that these problems can be caught early and dealt with should they happen.



Empty premises can also attract vandals and encourage anti-social behaviour, such as graffiti, substance abuse and illegal parties.

Fly tipping may also occur. This can be an expensive problem to incur as waste removal can be costly, especially if any of it is hazardous thus requiring specialist removal.


If left under secured, a building can attract those with an appetite for mindless destruction.

The starting of a fire is perhaps the most damaging wanton act your property could suffer. This type of threat is not only posed to your own building – should a fire spread, then it could also affect those neighbouring your site.



In order to minimise these threats, you must prepare for them. We’ve put together a 6-point checklist of things to consider and actions to be taken to secure your vacant premises.

  1. Consider the risks

Firstly you should look for any weak spots in the entry points around your building. Could someone get in if they really wanted to? If yes then action must be taken immediately.

  1. Secure doors and windows

Securing these possible entry points may seem an obvious thing to do, but its surprising how many businesses are underprepared here.

  1. Reinforce the perimeter

Robust gates and fences will keep intruders at arm’s length by acting as their own deterrent.

  1. Use CCTV

If a monitored CCTV system is not already in place, then it is worth considering a temporary deterrent whilst one is installed.

  1. Show you’re secure

Displaying the name of your security company on your perimeter and making it clear that CCTV is in use on the premises should make intruders think twice about entering your site.

  1. Maintain a presence

Employing mobile security patrols will ensure guards visit your site regularly to check on the integrity of its security and ward off intruders. This will also ensure that any issues that arise within the property can be caught quickly and dealt with.

This article is intended as a guide only. As one of the UK’s leading providers of professional security and facilities management services, Triton is here to help you.

For more in depth and personalised security plans for your vacant buildings contact Triton directly today.

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