12 Nov

The importance of Waking Watch

The importance of Waking Watch

During the ongoing changes happening in the UK we must not forget the importance of Waking Watch within many living quarters. With a tailored plan of operations for each building that is developed with building owners, managers and stakeholders with residents safety at the heart of it we must continue putting it in place.

Waking Watch is designed to ensure that there are always suitable personnel on site to raise the alarm and help residents evacuate in the unfortunate event of a fire. Waking watch personnel are also responsible for preventing and – in some circumstances – extinguishing a fire.

Since the tragedy of Grenfell in 2017 there has been a steady uptake in those employing Waking Watch services in their high-rise residential buildings. Waking Watch teams can also be employed in commercial buildings.

Our Waking Watch service will provide a building with Fire Wardens, Watchmen or Marshalls. The team will liaise with any other staff in the building and have access to the common fire alarm system within the building that will give them notice of any internal fire. The Waking Watch team will also be equipped with appropriate loud hailers, torches and PPE for all weathers.

Our teams follow an Active Awake Alert policy and are highly skilled in public-facing settings – so you are safe leaving your building under our careful protection.

As a building owner or manager, it falls under your responsibility to ensure the safety of your residents. Every building has the potential to be affected by fire – but those with a lack of preparation become the biggest risk to human life.

As one of the UK’s most trusted providers of Waking Watch, Triton Security delivers a comprehensive to suit apartment blocks and other types of multiple occupancy buildings. Our trusted team of experts are here to help.

If you have a building that could benefit from our Waking Watch service, then please contact our team to discuss your needs and our solution today.

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