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Triton Security’s Impact on Student Accommodations

Triton Security’s Impact on Student Accommodations

Case Study: Triton Security’s Impact on Student Accommodations


Client: Homes For Students

Number of sites: 100+

Triton’s service scope: 15 sites



Homes For Students, a provider of student accommodations with over 100 sites across the country, was experiencing poor service from their previous security provider. The need for a reliable and effective security solution led them to engage the services of Triton Security.


The key challenges faced by Homes For Students included:

Inadequate security measures

Poor customer service from the previous security provider

A need for a security team that understands the unique needs of student accommodations and can act as guardians for the young adults residing there.


Triton Security stepped in to fill the gap, taking over 15 sites initially and providing a range of services including:

Security guards and concierge services

Student guardians who act as a familiar face for the students, ready to assist them with any needs they may have.

Standard security duties such as site patrols, monitoring CCTV, and ensuring the overall safety and tidiness of the premises.

Offering assistance to students who may have locked themselves out of their flats.


The results of Triton’s intervention were immediate and significant.

The sites were better secured, with professional security guards and student guardians in place.

The students felt safer and more supported, knowing they had a reliable point of contact for any issues or emergencies.

The overall satisfaction of Homes For Students with their security provider saw a drastic improvement.


“We initially engaged Triton Security to provide weekend and sick leave cover, which turned into 29 hours per week shortly after. Today, Triton covers all our out-of-hours (113 hours) requirements, and we wouldn’t dream of working with any other company. Their staff consistently impresses us with their reliability, punctuality, and politeness, earning high praise from our students. I wholeheartedly recommend Triton Security – they’ve become an indispensable part of our team.”

Ruben Pinto, Property Manager, Homes For Students


Triton Security has proven to be a reliable and effective security solution for student accommodations. Our tailored approach to the unique needs of young adults residing in student accommodations, coupled with our professional and polite staff, has made us an invaluable part of the Homes For Students team. Triton Security is the ideal partner for accommodation managers, universities, halls of residence, and private student accommodation providers who are seeking a dependable security provider that truly understands the needs of their students.

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