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What a Labour Government Means for the Security Industry

What a Labour Government Means for the Security Industry

Exploring the Opportunities and Implications of Labour’s 2024 Manifesto for Security Companies and Public Safety 


In a historic landslide victory, Labour has taken the reins of the UK government for the first time in 14 years, with Keir Starmer forming a new administration at Number 10. As the nation stands on the cusp of a new political era, the implications for various sectors, including the security industry, could be significant. Labour’s 2024 manifesto outlines plans to address key areas such as crime reduction, anti-social behaviour, and prison reform, all of which have direct implications for the security sector. Let’s delve into Labour’s plans and their potential effects on our industry. 

At a glance 
  • Increased collaboration opportunities with government initiatives.
  • Support and resources for private security through increased police presence.
  • Greater demand for cybersecurity solutions due to government investments.
  • Potential for new contracts and services related to community safety partnerships and infrastructure projects.
  • Strengthened role in combating shoplifting and knife crime through policy changes.
  • Opportunities for security companies offering rehabilitation and reintegration services in the prison system.


Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour 

Labour’s manifesto emphasises taking back control of the streets by tackling crime and anti-social behaviour. Key initiatives include: 

Increased Police Presence: Labour pledges to recruit 13,000 additional neighbourhood police officers and PCSO’s to ensure visible and effective policing. This increase in police presence and visibility on the streets can work synergistically with private security companies, improving overall safety and potentially reducing the burden on private security to manage large areas independently. 

Community Safety Partnerships: The party plans to strengthen community safety partnerships, which could open up more opportunities for security companies to collaborate with local authorities, providing expertise and resources to help manage local safety concerns. 


Labour’s manifesto pledge to end the Conservative rule that prevents police from investigating shop thefts under £200 will have a significant positive impact on security guards and retailers. By ensuring all incidents of shoplifting are investigated, Labour aims to deter organised shoplifting gangs that have taken advantage of this loophole. This change could empower security guards, providing them with the necessary support and resources to effectively combat theft. Retailers might benefit from a safer environment, reduced losses, and increased confidence in the justice system’s support for their efforts to protect their businesses. 

Knife Crime  

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported over 46,000 knife crime offences in England and Wales in the year ending March 2023. Labour’s 2024 manifesto includes strong measures to combat knife crime, which will benefit security guards, the security industry, and their clients. 

The plan to increase police presence will help security companies by providing more support and creating a stronger deterrent against crime. Labour’s investment in programs to prevent young people from getting involved in knife crime aims to reduce incidents, making environments safer for security guards and the places they protect. 

Increased training and resources for handling knife-related incidents aim to improve the effectiveness and safety of security responses. Strengthening community partnerships will ensure better coordination between the police and private security, offering a comprehensive approach to preventing knife crime. 

Prisons and Rehabilitation 

Labour’s 2024 manifesto outlines a plan to address the crisis in the prison system, aiming to keep criminals behind bars while also focusing on rehabilitation.  

Labour intends to tackle overcrowding in prisons and improve conditions, which could lead to better-managed facilities and potentially less strain on private security companies that are often contracted to manage certain aspects of prison security. 

The Ministry of Justice reports that the reoffending rate for adult offenders released from custody in the UK is approximately 28%. Labour’s investment in rehabilitation programs aims to reduce this rate. A security company that offers rehabilitation and reintegration services might find new opportunities to work with government programs, providing specialised support that aligns with these initiatives. 

Labour’s Economic Plans and the Security Sector 

The Home Office estimates that crime costs the UK economy around £50 billion annually. Labour’s approach to reducing crime and anti-social behaviour could help alleviate this economic burden, whilst the party’s broader economic policies could also have implications for the security industry.  

Their plan to kickstart economic growth includes the creation of a National Wealth Fund, which aims to invest in future industries, including security technologies. This initiative could drive innovation within the sector, allowing security firms specialising in cutting-edge technologies to benefit from government funding and support.  

Additionally, Labour’s focus on infrastructure development, such as building new transport and housing, will necessitate security planning and management, thereby creating further opportunities for security providers. 

Historic Context 

Historically, Labour governments have taken robust measures to address crime and security issues. For instance, under Tony Blair’s leadership, significant investments were made in community policing and crime prevention strategies. For example, the introduction of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003. 

Labour’s previous tenure also saw the implementation of neighbourhood policing teams, which aimed to provide a more localised and responsive approach to crime.  

Change is Coming  

The Labour Party’s 2024 manifesto outlines a plan to create a safer environment that benefits both public and private sectors. This strategy could offer numerous opportunities to collaborate with government initiatives, provide advanced technological solutions, and engage in community safety efforts. As the nation moves towards potentially transformative policies under a Labour government, staying informed and proactive will be key to leveraging these opportunities for a thriving security industry and contributing to a safer, more secure Britain. 

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