26 Sep

Triton Security wins contract with global energy supplier STC Power

Triton Security wins contract with global energy supplier STC Power

STC power is a multinational corporation providing natural gas and renewable energy power plants across Europe. Triton Security have won a new contract guarding their latest development, a renewable power plant in Scotland.

Since the early 2000s, STC Power has been a market leader in the design and construction of renewable power plants. Their Oldhall Recovery Facility in Scotland turns residual residential, commercial and industrial waste into energy. Around 186,500 tonnes per year of residual waste is predicted to be processed at the STC power plant. This waste would otherwise go to landfill. As a result of this power plant, 17MW of electricity will be produced, this is enough to power around 30,000 homes.

The introduction of the new power plant not only provides energy that is good for the natural environment, but it also benefits the local community and economy. The project also creates new jobs and opportunities for local supply chain companies.

Triton Security operate across the UK delivering industry leading security solutions for large-scale, high-risk and valuable sites such as energy power plants. Our expertise spans major infrastructure facilities including mines and ports.

The Triton Security team are trained to analyse and adapt to all eventualities, getting to know the people and places they protect. From the 24/7 operational control room to the security guard on the ground, the latest technology in the security industry is used to provide clients with the peace of mind that their assets are secure.

Triton Security Sales Director, Jamie Manojlovic, commented. ‘’Another great win for the environment and communities across the UK. STC Power are building infrastructure that will genuinely bring positive changes for generations to come. Triton Security are proud to use their expertise and experience in guarding large scale infrastructure to support the growth of home-grown renewable energy.’’

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