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Local and central government departments play an important role in ensuring our society works the way it should.

Triton Security provides a range of services to help make sure public servants work in a safe, secure, clean and healthy environment so they can concentrate on their vital roles. With extensive experience working with organisations in the public sector, we understand the importance of delivering government services which are not only efficient and effective but also make the best use of taxpayers’ money.

We understand the pressures placed on local authorities and government departments to keep costs to a minimum. At Triton Security, we will work with you in close partnership to help you identify savings and find ways of managing your facilities in a more efficient way so no public money is wasted.

When it comes to public buildings and offices associated with local and national government, security plays a key role. We can put robust government security services in place to help counteract the threat of terrorism and provide a safe environment for both users and staff.

It is also important that municipal buildings are well presented and clean. Triton Security offers highly competitive cleaning and maintenance services and can respond to emergencies and system failures quickly and effectively.

Whether you are a small local authority or a large government department, we will put together a complete solution which responds to all your needs. We use the latest technologies to ensure that our services are sustainable, efficient and meet all the necessary regulations and policies.

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