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CCTV towers are a highly visible and capable security deterrent offering the very best in quick and reliable CCTV deployment.

These state-of-the-art systems have been designed to be supremely flexible – they’re fully mobile and can be installed quickly and easily on sites where there is a requirement for a short term security solution. They provide a spherical scope of detection and surveillance and feature hi-tech sensors which automatically lock the camera on to any intruder. This then triggers an alarm and automatically relays live footage to one of Triton Security’s specialist team of CCTV operators who will then take the appropriate action – either speaking to the intruder directly via a loudspeaker and warning them that they are being monitored, or contacting the police.

CCTV towers are especially useful on building and construction sites, as their power systems are self-contained, meaning they can be quickly and easily moved to a new position without the need for reinstallation as the development progresses.

Triton Security understands just how effective CCTV towers can be – offering reassurance that your site is monitored and protected around the clock, giving you and us a live visual record of what is happening at your site at any time.  We offer a bespoke CCTV tower service, customising the tower units to meet our clients’ exact requirements, whether that be fitting the tower with speakers, anti-climb features or an additional hard drive and battery.

To find out how a CCTV tower could enhance your business’s security speak to the team at Triton Security today.  We can also advise how a CCTV tower can work in conjunction with other security services to provide you the best possible solution.

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